The Ale of Destiny – Official Beer of Gen Con Indy 2012, Sun King Brewery

17 Aug

I have already had a couple of opportunities over the week to try the Ale of Destiny, Gen Con Indy’s 2012 official beer.  This Belgium dark ale was brewed by Sun King Brewery for the convention and named from one of 1400 submissions.  ABV 6% IBU 28

I had the opportunity to have this beer on a couple of occasions already and will welcome more as the weekend progresses.  My experience varied a little from beer to beer, probably due to a spicy jambalaya I had before one of them.  It is a dark brown beer with a cream color foam and excellent head retention.

As I put it to my nose I was thrilled to catch a hint of smoke that made me first think of bacon.  I wasn’t expecting to have another smoked beer this week, so I was doubly thrilled.  The hops were subtle but present.

The beer was crisp, yet had a mouth feel you would expect from a good brown beer.  The flavor of ham seemed subtle at first, but really came out; especially after I started into the steak I had with it.  A light bitterness set in around the tongue as I drank.   It certainly had that Belgium beer flavor that I have not yet learned to describe, but I hope that if you know Belgium beers, you’ll know what I am trying to say.  Larger gulps revealed phenolic flavors.

This beer will remain on my list as a favorite.  It had a unique flavor that will remain in my memory and I hope I will have the opportunity to have it again in future, despite its special nature.  By the description of the beer on their web site, it also seems that the folks at the Sun King Brewery play along nicely with us and that is also a plus.  Look under the specialty section of the beers.

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